måndag 10 mars 2008


Hello and welcome to Conan Radio!

*Dont judge the radio from the crappy looks of the webpage. Ido have loads of knowledge about radio and none about creating webpages

*Mirc channel is open! Download mirc (link at left side) thene join the channel! QuakeNet /join #conanradio
If you are unsure about how to connect , in that case, check this link

*Forum up and running here is the forum

*Archives for the old Episodes is now located in the forum, go here

Well anyways, let me introduce myself.
My name is Richard and come from Sweden, age 23 and a sucker for MMO's.
In the MMO that i been playing i call myself "Morfar" dont ask me why, i dont even know... "Morfar" means Grandad btw :)
Been doing live radio broadcasts for about 5 years now, and always intended for the MMO im playing, Been doing SWG,AO,WoW radio among others.
I started back in the SWG (Star wars galaxies) time, a radio intended for my closed guild to have some laugh and some good music while we fucked about in the game. But that started to spread, about that dude with the radio. Started to see full server more and more. After a couple of month i had to advance with 2 servers going. And i found it very very fun indeed! So, here i am, 5 years later.

Introducing the radio.
My radio always had two things that was waaay moreimportent thene anything else.
Listener requests and news/info.
First off, getting a tune onto the show with your name stick to it like a tatto on a biker is cool, and having it played for said friend is even cooler. Makes it more personal. So therefore im so into making all your tunes come true on the show.
And news, hell someone of ous should work for getting the news now, right? So instead of you lurking about on the internet everyday, just listen in and get it here instead!
In the beginning (like now pre-release) ill dicuss new news and lore about the Conan world. And have loads of great music.

After pre-release we will host everything that's fun. From guess-wich-tune to scavaneger hunt. Over the 5 years i been doing this i know loads of fun "games" to have in a MMO that can take hundreds of players. Let's face it. Events are pure win.

Well anyways, forum inc aswell as irc. But bookmark this page and listen into the shows. Ipromise you, you will not regret it.

Welcome to Conan Radio, where gamers rock!!